Carpet Tile
Do you love to adorn your place with beautiful and colorful furnishing items but avoid spending much? If yes, then worry no more because the assortment of Carpet Tile we offer enhances the look of the room without letting the buyer burn a hole in their pockets.
Floor Rugs and Mats
Are you looking for a colorful and bright rug and mat to enhance the look of your room? If yes, then look no further than the ones offered under the collection of Floor Rugs and Mats. Available in wide variety of colors, sizes and designs, choose the one that fits in your budget.
Area Rugs
Area Rugs add a very important design element when creating a space. These carpets can also anchor a room, make it feel finished and add both warmth and colour to a space.These rugs can also act as artwork for the floor, and they can create a frame in which to place furniture and define spaces.
Artificial Grass Carpet
Artificial Grass Carpet consists of hard plastic, the artificial grass extending is held from below. This carpet is very easy to install and covers the desired areas provide the best view for peoples living space.It helps to keep the space warmer and it provides a soft surface for sitting. It is also much cleaner and easier to maintain than the bare ground. 

We are accepting bulk order quantity only.
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